Stavem - Une présence hexagonale

A hexagonal presence

STAVEM, always close to you

You need maximum reactivity, you have to face the unexpected.

Stavem’s operational force is made up of 3 technical sales staff across France, with a particular presence in Oyonnax, at the heart of one of the centers of excellence in French plastics.

Support throughout your project

Our local team can take action and advise you at all stages of your project, as soon as necessary:

  • Design

    Upstream for studies and the best technical co-design of your metal mold
  • Reactivity

    During your project, with the greatest responsiveness to provide you with the best equipment and tools, thanks to a large stock and delivery in 24 hours
  • After-sales service

    Downstream with a responsive and quality after-sales service
Stavem's task force is made up of 7 technical sales representatives spread throughout France
Stavem - So we know your needs and issues, and we're aware of your expectations and requirements.

We make it our duty to bring you full satisfaction.

Proximity and human relationship

Our large stock of product references guarantees delivery within 24 hours, whatever your needs:

  • Supplies for molds and tools
  • Components for molds
  • Supplies for plastic injection

Proximity and human relationships with our customers are fundamentals to Stavem. You have a dedicated contact, who knows you, 100% available, 100% involved.